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Roots in Orthodoxy, Branches in Innovation

Changing Leadership
There are sweeping changes taking place in the leadership at Fuller—a few natural retirements, some reconfigured roles, and several strategic new positions. With gratitude for the provision of generous grant resources making much of this possible, a new team is assembling at Fuller that beautifully reflects our longstanding commitment to diversity as well as our deep obligation to world-class scholarship and innovation.
Green, Joel thumbnailThough what follows is an incomplete picture of our entire leadership team, it reflects recent changes important to our strategy for Fuller’s future.

Joel Green, PhD, Dean of the School of Theology

Now there are those who exist
in the world simply it seems
to attack others, and to derogate others,
and to drag them down,
and to besmirch them. . . .
We want the positive presentation
of the Christian faith in a critical world.

— Harold John Ockenga, 1947

The Four Strands of Fuller’s DNA
As a result of the work of our faculty and the work of our team of leaders, administrators, and staff, we are embarking on a new era that emphasizes an integrated, lifetime relationship with those in our community. From admission to coursework, from spiritual direction to field education, from degrees to placement resources, from graduation to lifelong learning and community—our changes are intended to help men and women who follow Jesus to discern, develop, and practice their vocations whether inside or outside the church. Every aspect of our vocational vision is meant to contribute to a process of vocational development and discernment, guided by our commitments to personal formation, spiritual formation, academic formation, and global formation. This is Fuller’s call, across all schools, all degrees, all programs—for all of life.

  • Personal Formation: Embodying the Call
  • Spiritual Formation: Deepening the Call
  • Academic Formation: Equipping the Call
  • Global Formation: Engaging the Call Globally and Locally

Our particular role at Fuller has always called for risk. We, with many other Christians, are tempted at times to play it safe. But the Great Commission does not say, ‘Go into all the world and be careful.’ It calls us to use every ability, tool, opportunity, and energy that we have to make disciples of the nations.
— David Allan Hubbard, 1976