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The Glory of a Theological Seminary

Note from David Allan Hubbard on the Occasion of Dr. Carnell’s Retirement

It would be hard to picture Fuller today apart from the impact of the five crucial years of Dr. Carnell’s presidency.

Tangible gains of those years include accreditation by the American Association of Theological Schools, the calling of several key professors, the establishment of a development department, and the transfer of endowment funds from the Fuller Evangelistic Foundation to the seminary. But more important, a mood was established, a character shaped. The almost prophetic themes sounded in the inaugural address have echoed through every phase of the curriculum and resounded in the lives of our graduates.

By making this available to a larger public, which for personal reasons Dr. Carnell did not publish, the Alumni Association has rendered a signal service. And a fitting one too. For no single document expresses more effectively what our Alma Mater intends to be and what it hopes to contribute to the Church at large. If our achievements have not always matched our intentions, it is because our implementation has not yet caught up with Dr. Carnell’s far-reaching vision.
1959: Joon Gon Kim, 34, led the Communists who killed his wife and family to Christ. He came to Fuller to study, then returned to Korea with Campus Crusade for Christ.
Women of Slessor Hall 1959-72dpi
1959: The residents of Slessor Hall, then a women’s dormitory. From left to right, back row: Ruth Cambell, Janet Bubeck, Kay Hofman; middle row: Rachel Ragsdale, Pat Marshall; front row: Miriam Cover, Mary Harris, Ruth Jacobs, Nancy Boehle

“Due to the ever-developing faculty-student liaison, we must also say that the students are contributing to the development of the Seminary. Then, too, we like to think that the life in us is at least in part the vitality of the Holy Spirit. So in my opinion, for what it’s worth, Fuller Seminary has the most promising outlook of any seminary that I know.”

— William S. LaSor, TNN 3:1, October 1955

1959: International students at Fuller, hailing from Japan, Bolivia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Argentina, West Africa, South Africa, and the Philippines