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Educating for Agility

Left to right: April Schiller, Tamisha Tyler, Eric Mulligan, Anna deSocio, Avril Speaks, Elizabeth Leu, Mara Title, Ingrid Melendez, and Jennifer Hernandez are all current Fuller students.

“An agile graduate will need to be more than merely faithful and fruitful. She will also need to be innovative, courageous, and collaborative.”

Distinctives of Fuller’s Revised Curriculum
The revised curriculum is built around formation for vocation. The purpose is to cultivate in students the character, knowledge, and skills that they will need to exercise their God-given callings in the world.

We form students by teaching them to be faithful Christians and fruitful leaders. The curriculum begins with courses that invite students to grow in the Christian practices that every follower of Christ must develop in order to be more faithful. The backbone consists of the courses that every Christian leader will need in order to be both faithful and fruitful:

Christian Practices that Make Faithful Christians
(practices every Christian must develop):

  1. The Practice of Worship and Prayer
  2. The Practice of Community
  3. The Practice of Mission

Leadership Practices that Make Fruitful Leaders
(practices for every Christian who leads):

  1. Interpretation
  2. Theologizing
  3. Ministry
  4. Contextualizing

Think of these practices as a grid, with the Christian practices shaping the leadership practices, and vice-versa.