• Abernethy Alexis Thumb
    Alexis D. Abernethy

    Alexis Abernethy, PhD, has served at Fuller as professor of psychology since 1998 and is on the Brehm Center’s steering committee. Her primary research interest is the intersection between spirituality and health, and she has received grants from California Cancer Research Program, the National Cancer Institute, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, and the Templeton Foundation.

  • Anderson, Ray-thumb
    Ray S. Anderson

    Ray S. Anderson served as professor of theology and ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary from 1976 until his passing on June 21, 2009. Anderson was a theologian who never ceased to be a pastor.

  • Armstrong-Heidi thumb
    Heidi Husted Armstrong

    Since receiving her MDiv from Fuller in 1983, Heidi Husted Armstrong has served West Coast Presbyterian churches and is currently interim pastor at Bethany Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.

  • Augsburger-thumb
    David Augsburger

    David Augsburger is senior professor of pastoral care and counseling in the School of Theology.

  • barrett_thumb
    Justin L. Barrett

    Justin L. Barrett joined the School of Psychology in 2011 as the Thrive Professor of Developmental Science and director of the Thrive Center for Human Development.

  • Beaton-Richard thumb
    Richard Beaton

    Richard Beaton, PhD, has twenty-five years of experience within family business, consumer banking, nonprofit management (Hong Kong), and higher education situations. He has spent his adult life living and working in diverse contexts both in North America and abroad.

  • Bennett thumbnail
    Thomas Andrew Bennett

    Thomas Andrew Bennett is adjunct instructor in systematic theology and a PhD student in the Center for Advanced Theological Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.

  • Bolger, R-thumb
    Ryan Bolger

    Ryan Bolger is associate professor of church in contemporary culture in Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies.

  • Bradley thumbnail
    James E. Bradley

    James E. Bradley is the Geoffrey W. Bromiley Professor of Church History at Fuller Seminary.

  • Brame-thumb
    Grace Adolphsen Brame

    Grace Adolphsen Brame, PhD, teaches integration of theology and spirituality in the graduate religion department of LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA.