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Featured Article: The Years Ahead

In nearly every area, using a variety of measures, Mormon teenagers were consistently the most positive, the most healthy, the most helpful, and the most self-aware teenagers in the study. Mormon young people also showed the highest degree of religious vitality and salience, the greatest degree of understanding of church teaching, and the highest degree of congruence between belief and action.

The National Study of Youth and Religion: Summary Findings. Excerpt from Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church, 203.

Family plays a central role in the religious experience of Latter-day Saints. According to LDS teaching and practice, we are all offspring of God the Father and it is to one’s family that a person is sealed for all eternity. Because of this there is a strong sense of belonging that is fostered with immediate family members and a high value is placed on family lineage.
Around 3,000 Latter-day Saints migrated from Illinois to Utah in the late 1840s, largely to escape religious persecution. This journey still looms large in the minds of many Mormons, and Utah has instituted a state holiday— Pioneer Day—to commemorate the trek.
Joseph Smith
LDS History
The Latter-day Saint movement began in the spring of 1820 when a fourteen-year-old Joseph Smith, bewildered by the many differing interpretations of Scripture he was encountering in his upstate New York neighborhood, sought divine assistance regarding which church he should join...